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Ellie An Efficient Hypertension Management Tool

Ellie An Efficient Hypertension Management Tool

Managing Hypertension is a full-time job.  And a job that falls to the patient 95% of the time. It’s not that doctors are not doing their job; quite the contrary. It is more that office visits occur in a small percentage of any given year, so the day-to-day task of maintaining a hypertension care plan must be the responsibility of the individual.

This task is made easier on both sides of the stethoscope with Get Real Health’s Ellie app. With a focus on individualized care plans and the usability to promote adherence, Ellie was designed for chronic condition management.

Hypertension is a complicated diagnosis. No two patients will have the same case with variances in contributing factors and resulting comorbidities

“Hypertension is tricky,” says Get Real Health Senior Clinical Strategist, Jennifer Bowers. “There are millions of people walking around with no idea they have hypertension or are at risk for serious complications. Many things can contribute to hypertension, like obesity, genetics, diet, exercise, stress. A one-time blood pressure reading at a doctor’s office is not an accurate representation of overall heart health. Patients need readings over time to truly see trends and danger, if they exist.”

Not only can the Ellie tool record those readings, but it also features a journal function that can uncover adverse reactions to medications. With the ability to track symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or sleeplessness, the journals assist patients in determining how and why a certain medication may not be suited for them.

Chronic conditions like hypertension, are only managed through a collaboration between clinicians and patients. It is a 24/7 proposition that requires diligence and open communication.

Bowers explains, “A doctor can recommend all the prescriptions and life-style changes in the world, but if patients aren’t committed to adherence, it is useless. We make that adherence convenient as individuals can upload data, get reminders and communicate with their providers all from their phone. Being healthy has never been easier.”

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