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Why Ellie?

Why Ellie?

Ellie helps you increase your practice’s revenue while improving patient outcomes

Overworked care managers leads to underserved patients.

Ellie helps you boost revenue through additional CPT code reimbursements and increased
care manager productivity all while improving quality improvement in healthcare for your patients.

Increase your bottom line

With a global view of patient data and provided care, health organizations can better leverage chronic condition management and device reimbursement codes to drive revenue and grow their organization.
With the Ellie solution, not only do providers drastically improve their patient engagement, they can easily take advantage of reimbursement opportunities that drive increased revenue and grow the organization.

Reduce Readmission

Hospital readmissions rates are one of the most important issues facing hospitals around the world.  They are facing significant financial penalties for patients who are deemed to be unnecessarily readmitted for acute care following discharge, even when many factors contributing to a readmission are out of their immediate control.
Ellie provides patients and care managers with tools that improve post-discharge monitoring and patient self-care.

Secured messaging
Care plans
Alerts and intervention
Health journals
Connected or non-connected devices

Increase care manager productivity

Manual tasks are the bane of care management. That is until Ellie offered providers the technology to effectively manage their patient load while taking advantage of opportunities to save costs, generating new revenue and delivering better outcomes.

Real-time data improves insight and replaces guess work
Care managers get better patient collaboration and compliance
Managing care remotely allows scarce patient visits to be deep, personal consultations rather than spending time collecting and recording basic data

Improve patient outcomes

This inability to provide treatment until a patient is actively experiencing a health crisis dramatically impacts the wellbeing of patients.
Ellie provides the insight needed to proactively treat patients, rather than reacting to flare-ups.

67% of patients

with catastrophic conditions had not been catastrophic the year before.